Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the FAIR City Hall Rally/March occurring on Saturday, November 15, 2008 at 10:30am.

We have an immediate need to get the word out about this event on the street. Go here to find out how you can help out with that effort NOW!

For the day of the event, volunteers are the peace keepers, the liaison between the staff, crowd and police…our goal is: NO INJURIES, NO ARRESTS, PEACEFUL PROTEST!

Your help is crucial and is very much so appreciated. For this event to run successfully and safely, the following procedure was developed to ensure that you are all involved and prepared to handle the crowd effectively.

200 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

We need everyone there at 8am for check-in/to meet with volunteer leads and get into groups for the day. We will be placing you all in teams throughout the event to ensure that the entire perimeter is covered.

Tips for the day:


2. USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! There will be relatively no parking, and driving will be relatively impossible so please use the Metro either the Civic Center redline, or the Union Station Purple and Goldline.

3. It will be hot, expected temperatures will top 90 degrees, please bring water and stay hydrated throughout the day

4. Sunscreen is our friend, soak yourself in it, you will be outside all day without much cover.

Just a small bit about FAIR’s mission and goal for the day:

We want safety. First off we are here to ensure that all volunteers and participants are safe and secure at all times. We are here to control the crowd, to urge all participants to stay within marked routes, cooperate with Police and conduct themselves in a positive and encouraging manner. We are not here to insight chaos, we are here to avoid it.

If you are interested and can commit to being there on Saturday please send us an email

We need to be 3,000 strong, tell your friends, family, neighbors, tell everyone to volunteer and let’s make this the best event Los Angeles has seen.

Keep positive, keep motivated and let’s do this!


13 responses to “Get Involved

  1. I ‘am willing to lend a hand in any way possible!

  2. David Danis

    I am also willing to help where needed.

  3. Paul Chance

    let me know if i can help out in any way !!!!

  4. Let me know how I can be of assistance. Thanks.

  5. Luis Lazaro

    I’d like to help!

  6. Johnny Pastor

    What kind of help do you need on Saturday??

  7. Please let me know if you need any assistance.

    As the Reconciling Ministries chair at my church, I’m certain I could also help to mobilize at least a few additional volunteers, provided we know what the task is that we are to accomplish.

    Otherwise, I’ll see you at the rally!

  8. Tommy

    I’ve printed out the two b&w fliers and will distribute copies on Thursday and Friday. My areas are Arts district, Little Tokyo, Elysian Park, Sunset Junction. There’s also a Starbucks in the Kyoto Hotel at 1st street and Los Angeles St.


  9. Davyd

    NOHO-Magnolia BL Canvasing w/fliers THUR AM

  10. Jim

    All gay couples should show celebrate that we have loving, committed relationships and deserve equal rights!

  11. Ellen

    if we sit back and allow civil and constitutional rights to be trampled upon…we too are guilty of such complicity.

  12. Tommy

    I got 200 flyers up in Arts District, Little Tokyo, and Sunset Junction.

  13. Jennifer

    I’ve heard that the rally is Saturday NIGHT.
    Can anyone clarify that?
    How late will the rally go, realistically?
    If someone can attend only two hours total, when is the best time to show up?

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