Shepard Fairey: Love Unites!


For those that may not know, Shepard Fairey is the world famous artist who created the iconic Obama Hope poster that you’ve seen everywhere for the past several months.

Now, Shepard has created another iconic image, this one in support of our cause. He has generously donated this image to us as a rallying symbol for our fight for equal rights. Please download it, print it out, use it in your signs and banners for tomorrow’s protest. And remember: Love Unites!

Larger version here.



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15 responses to “Shepard Fairey: Love Unites!

  1. Tommy L

    Can I just say that I think this logo is totally the wrong approach? A clenched fist is not exactly a message of love. When I saw this logo, the first thing I was reminded of was the Black Power movement and the Black Panthers. Is that the kind of conotation you want this cause to have?

  2. Jason

    I felt ecstatic when I heard Shepard Fairey had donated his time to create a symbol to support our cause, particularly after his great Obama/HOPE potrait. I had thoughts of “hope”, “solidarity”, “peace”, “optimism”.

    Unfortunately, and this is in no way to discourage Fairey’s great generosity, I’m saddened by the use of the closed fist. To me it connotes “overpowering”, “suppressive empowerment”, “agitation”, “anarchy” and association with the Black Panther movement.

    Again, I want to emphasize I do not want to undermine Fairey’s contribution to our cause. However, for the betterment of our cause and to not alienate with possible negative imagery those we are trying to convince, I want to DISCOURAGE THE USE OF THIS IMAGE.

    Thank you, Shepard.

  3. Ali

    I actually feel that this is an empowering image and that the slogan LOVE UNITES softens the fist. Also, if you look at the image, the fist is shaped to look like a heart.

  4. Kim

    Hey – I love Shepard Fairey’s work – and I think there’s many ways to present our message… i’ve spent the week creating my own campaign ‘LOVE not hate’ – feel free to download and pass around my posters and images as well… you can find me under the ‘LOVE NOT HATE’ banner tomorrow!


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  6. Aww, put a sock in it you post modern haters – it’s a great poster! It’s powerful and confident and a fist means solidarity. If these protests have shown us anything it’s the amazing solidarity that’s possible.

    As far as the Black Panthers go: after the Stonewall riots, Huey P. Newton said that gay people were the most oppressed people in US society and urged people to drop the homophobic language and support the emerging gay liberation movement.

    We lost the vote, but history and momentum is on our side – leave your timidness behind and seize the time!

  7. Mike

    Despite what one may think of the aesthetics of the image, if the organizers of the rallies want protesters to use the image for signs, then they should provide a higher resolution image then the web ready JPEG they have listed under “larger version here”. It is still a, by print standards, small image and will lose clarity when blown up for a poster or placard.

  8. paula

    As a graphic artist and marketing professional I have to agree with others who have commented negatively about the fist symbol. I celebrate this artist and his natural gift, but I do feel that the symbol for this venture must read PEACEFUL and LOVING rather than aggression. With my sincere thanks to the artist. P.

  9. I like the message of the poster, but I agree that the fist doesn’t seem to fit. But at the same time, I do agree that we must fight for our civil rights for any two people to be married and have their love recognized. “By any means necessary”.

  10. Yesika

    i understand the need to remind others of LOVE and PEACE but also, we cannot show timidness in our approach. i do not see the fist to be a violent simbol but an aggressive one. determination and defiance. and does it truly matter if the panthers have used it? it has been effective to them. has it not?

  11. Ernesto Gomez

    Love the closed first. If you have been to ANY of the protests you would have seen it many times over. It reflects empowerment

  12. Stu

    Change of any real significance has always required a show of strength and determination. The fist isn’t necessarily a symbol of violence or aggressiveness – it’s a symbol of protest, of marching, raising your hand to be counted, making noise, and kicking up a goddamn fuss – which is absolutely appropriate. I’m vehemently anti-aggression and I didn’t see the fist as a bad thing at all. It’s simply assertive.

  13. Ju Ju

    Love Unites…with a fist?

    As a graphic designer, I feel this image is the wrong message, yet it may be the evidence of the condition of the heart of this group of people. The first second upon seeing this poster, is the lasting one. Is your message hate? Is it your intolerance to democracy and other peoples views? Think about what it means to raise a fist in this manner. Strike out, defiance, anger, aggression, hate. Is this your message? Look at the lines he used in the shading of the fist, they are hard and abrasive edges, coming to a point.

    One comment left by Ali, said it looks like a heart. I have to say she looked at the poster too long and “read” into it what you wanted it to say.

    Although Shepard Fairey is a talented and gifted designer, he knows what he is doing. As with any good designer, his images are deliberate, and choosing this post-modern style of poster is indicative of the communist era. He uses red in just about all his works. What does the red symbolize, not in just our culture but others? Think.

  14. I think it’s more a representation that is meant from one straight guy to others in the straight community — i.e. to encourage our straight brothers and sisters to DEFEND EQUALITY for all, including their gay brothers and lesbian sisters.

    And in that regard I agree that it’s powerful, assertive, meaningful and reminiscent that the rights of all are not safe when the rights of any minority / disenfranchised group are so callously trampled.

    We too must overcome.

  15. Well I just want to add that I used this poster at the S.F. “endless march” (seriously, I didn’t know that this city had so many streets!) and dozens of people asked where they could get it.

    It fits the defiant mood of people in this country who are finally feeling optimistic about our ability to change things. In the past people might argue to make movements “look respectable” to not scare conservatives because this is a “conservative country”. Well, the bigots are becoming the isolated minority now so I think we should leave behind all the old apologies and be assertive in winning equality for all people!

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