Getting to the protest

We can’t stress enough that the best way to get to Saturday’s event is by way of public transportation, specifically the subway system. We are expecting a huge turnout, the kind that will bring traffic to a crawl and make parking a nightmare.

On the red/purple lines, the Civic Center station is closest to City Hall. On the gold line or Metrolink, Union Station is your best bet. Visit to plan your trip and avoid the hassles of bringing your car downtown.



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4 responses to “Getting to the protest

  1. Paul

    Will we be able to carry signs with sticks onto the trains? I was stopped once before when they said the stick my sign was on was a potential weapon.

  2. Charisse

    I lived in CHinatown, anyone know what the metro # to get to City Hall? I saw from the main link something about permit?Do all of us need a permit or that just for the organization?

  3. Invariant Memory


    As far as I understand it, the stick cannot be more that 1/4″ thick or it is considered a potential weapon.

  4. voiture12

    Maybe this is the same law for rallies as subways?:

    ItLos Angeles Municipal Code Section
    55.07 makes it a misdemeanor to
    possess during a demonstration, rally,
    picket line or public assembly any
    length of lumber, wood, or wood lath
    unless it is one-fourth inch or less in
    thickness and two inches or less in
    width, or if not rectangular, not more
    than three-quarters inch in its thickest

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